New Beginnings 

OK, so I’m back, lol. Soo, my photo is what’s left of my website. Yep, Jeweled Nailz is going away, but I’m not! I want to continue blogging still, however my website got wiped when I had to reset my computer & with the contract almost up, there’s no use in resetting it all up for a couple months. So I’m now here, under…. *Drumroll* 

Miranda’s Expressions!

That will be my new website name, I decided to go for something more open, because although I love doing nails, & even though I missed it this year, again, due to unforseen circumstances, I am STILL going to school for cosmetology, it’s not just nails, I’ve rediscovered just how much I love cake decorating again, & the many other crafting outlets I have my hand in here lately. So, the name is basically about all my crafts, how I express myself, through what I can make. Hopefully this endeavor goes well, & I can eventually get back to self hosting again, & maybe one day, make a business out of it? A girl can dream can’t she? Lol. 

But, yea, that’s all for today, besides I gotta get ready for work lol, when I get to working on my blog & photos, I lose track of time, see ya next time! 


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