Crepe making 

So this was interesting, to say the least. Ever had crepes before? Me, no, but I’ve seen them in IHOP & always wondered what they were, so when the recipe showed up in my Pinterest, of course I had to try it out! (Macaroons also caught my eye but they sound like a pain in the arse lol) 

They look easy! Basically it’s a realllllly flat pancake that you fold fillings into, how hard can it be? 

Well it’s harder than they look! My first attempt I used thinned down cake batter, because I wanted to make sweet crepes. We’ll let’s just say it was a sweet disaster lmao, it was not thin enough & wouldn’t flip at all! Broke all to pieces. Was good though, hehe. 

Sooo, my next time around I found a ‘real’ dessert crepe recipe & followed it down to the letter. And guess what? I made crepes! Once I get the recipe to taste how I want it, I’ll share it. 

I had drizzled some caramel syrup on the inside then folded them over, & sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. 

But that made them really thin, so my next one I had whipped up a fluffy strawberry cheesecake mixture, & THAT made the fuller looking crepes like I’d seen! And it was soooo good too, I couldn’t finish mine lol 

But they could’ve been a tad sweeter to me, so, I will be tweaking the recipe some more & when I get it how I like it, I’ll share the finished result! They even had a recipe for savory crepes, with meat inside, they looked interesting & might try that one day as well. Although I haven’t gave up on my cake flavored crepes lol, but that’s for another day. 


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