SuperNail Chrome On Review 

So, I finally got my hands on some of the chrome pigment powder I keep seeing! I’ve been wanting to try it out for so long & the beauty supply store closest to me had some in stock so I had to get it!

The brand is SuperNail, & it’s called Chrome On. Both the Silver & the Holographic versions made it home with me lol. So, on the sides of the boxes it says to apply over gel polish, but quite honestly, they both were beautiful & opaque, all on there own! And you can’t see a huge amount of difference between 1 coat or 2, which I’m sure that might change over certain colors. And yes, it’s a gel product, the powder has to be applied over a special no wipe gel topcoat. I haven’t yet played with it any other way, but that’s what I hear down the grapevine lol.

Oh well enough talking, here’s the Holographic one:




I LOVED this one here! It applied great, & the holo shift was insane! It was so pretty I couldn’t even put no nail art over it lol, it’s beautiful as is! Look at all the sparkles!








Now the Silver one was a bit of a rush job, & I don’t have the same quality photos of it as i did the first one, although… While it was very nice as well, chrome is supposed to have that ‘mirror-like finish’ and it still seemed a bit grainy to me, i’ll have to give it another go. But, here’s the ones i made anywho. (Although they are definitely getting  a redo lol)



While they were cute on there own, i decided to practice on my freehand flowers, & added some purple & pink flowers to it. I should’ve added a solid color accent nail butttt, you know what they say, hind sights always 20/20! Maybe next time lol.





But here’s the shots with the flowers added:






Not the best photos like i said, but, the close ups show what i was talking about, the chrome staying grainy.

I’ve seen different blogs talking about how to fix this problem, some say the silicon tipped tools work, some say applying it with your fingertips will help to avoid this problem, i haven’t tried them yet although, i will!










But that’s all for now, i was supposed to post this over a week ago but, between work & other circumstances, i just haven’t had the time to. Although I’ve taken several pictures the last couple weeks that i need to get uploaded, im gonna try my best to get them up soon. We’ll see how that goes lol.. Until next time, take care!


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