Lake Mary Crawford Outing

Hey guys! So i went on a mini trip bout a week back, to a lake that’s right outside Monticello, called Lake Mary Crawford. It had been awhile since i been there, but the lake closest to me wasn’t a good location for shooting sunset pictures, the sun went down behind the trees there, instead of over the lake like i wanted it to. So, off i went looking for another location lol.

And i found a great one, as a matter of fact. All the way at the end, you can catch photos of the sunset, with the lake & piers. Very pretty, but i had an idea of my own to try out. I’ve seen people take moon phase photos, where it looks like one photo, with about 7 different moons in the sky. I wondered if you could do the same, but with the sun?? Now a lot of blogs mentioned that having the lens exposed to the sun for extended periods of time could wind up damaging it. So, for the photo i took, i had the camera set up on a tripod & kept a black cloth over the lens, in between shots. And in a way, it worked out! The only thing was i didn’t have time to find the right setting so the sun didn’t look like a star in the sky lol, it was supposed to be round, but in a way, it kinda gave it a unique look in the way it turned out.

It was still a beautiful shot lol, & I’m gonna keep trying until i get it right! These next ones was not on the same day, but the same location. A couple of the birds at the lake walked right up to me, i couldn’t believe they didn’t fly off from the shutter sound! It’s a very beautiful place, & a good place to go to relax, i’m still going back because there’s a big crane i’m still wanting to get a picture of flying across the water lol, i got it one time but unfortunately the focus was out & it had done flew past so i lost that chance, but i’ll get it before i’m done.


However, these guys were up for a photo shoot, lol. I love to shoot nature photos or animals! The moon shot turned out pretty on its own, although it was the night of a full moon & the clouds messed up my chance for a clear shot, i’ll just have to try that one again next time it comes around! Can’t predict the weather, after all.

But that’s all for now, its late & i’m falling asleep & work comes early in the morning, this is going to be a busy busy week, lol. Night all, & until next time take care!


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