Zoya Brittany (Satin)

When I don’t feel like brights or designs, it’s nice to wear a nude color every once in awhile, & as far as unique polishes, (etc, anything without a normal shiny topcoat) Zoya Brittany may be one of my favorites.

The same polish, just under different lighting. I’d say the 1st photo shows the true color, it’s a nude with just a touch of pink. The photo with flash really brought out the pink, & the last one made them look tan lol. But the Zoya Satin line has a very cool finish, it’s not shiny, not matte, but a space in between, almost like a glazed look, very very pretty. And of course, if you want the Satin finish you don’t wear top coat with this one. 

I really liked it, but unfortunately a couple of my nails got a tear in the side, so I had to take it off to fix them, hopefully they won’t tear the rest of the way until they grow out some! Gonna design some artificial nails & try to wear them for awhile, we’ll see how that goes, I haven’t decided on a design yet lol. 

Do you prefer nude color polishes in the summertime, or more of bright colors? Give me an idea of what design to try next! Till next time! 


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