KBShimmer Water Decals Review 

Omg guys! I just realized it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything! Granted 2 posts are sitting in drafts, & I’ve been juggling 2 jobs currently, but still I didn’t mean to leave this hanging, whoops!! I blame the constant tiredness lmao. But anywho.. 

So yea! I been eyeing KBShimmers water decals for awhile now, so when she had a sale & they were included? Duh, I had to snag a few! The ones I picked out were Foxy Winter, Birds on Branches, and Coral Cream Plaid Floral. The last of which is sold out already, also the one I’m sporting in this mani! 

Didn’t they turn out cute!? I loved them, & they were actually easier to apply than I had thought they would be. You soak them in water, (one cutout at a time of course) and they slide right off, & you have plenty of time to adjust them before you apply the top coat to seal it in, just make sure you get the base near the cuticles covered! 

I’ll have to try another set next time, but until next time, take care! 


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