Neon for Summertime! 

So, a little info about this polish. One, I love this color SO much, it’s so bright it glows! Two, DANG you for being so thin & watery! If anybody has tried applying this polish, you know what I’m referring to! It is soooo very thin, & it took like 4-5 coats to get it fully opaque, & that’s not counting the clear top coats in between the colors, so it wouldn’t streak so bad! 

But as you can tell, after the long drawn out fight it is a very pretty & bright color, a true highlighter yellow. And I’ve been seeing alot of ‘dry brush’ manis on Instagram, so I decided to try it for myself. 

It didnt turn out exactly like I had in my head, but I was happy with it by the time I was done, basically you dry the brush off & give it a few swipes, do that with a few different colors, & that’s that lol. It could’ve went with some more but I was a little rushed for time. Next time I want to try different shades of blue, make it look like patched denim, but that’s an idea for another day. I haven’t exactly been posting alot here lately, works been keeping me busier than I had planned, but, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, I’ll still be here lol, schools coming up next year I just hope I’ll be able to juggle a job & school together, I guess we’ll see lol. But it’s gonna be so worth it though! 👍 

Well y’all until the next time, ciao! ✌️


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