Blue Watermarble Nail Art

Yea, I realize I missed the last couple months lol, but there’s just been alot going on! I do have alot to post about though, I actually been keeping my nails done, for once lol. But this set here I love them, its been a long time since i’ve even tried to do a watermarble set, and im surprised they turned out so good!

And, I snapped a close up of the thumb too. Several people don’t know what the term ‘watermarble’ is, so an explanation.

Basically, you add drops of different color nail polish in the center of a cup of water. (Bottled water, room temperature works best, also, not every polish works! Some don’t spread, or will ball up & sink!) If they work like they’re supposed to, the polish will spread out across the water surface, & you keep adding different colors until you get a nice size ring with many ‘rings’ of color (usually 10, more or less depending on how many colors are used) Then you take a needle, or anything pointed & thin, I’ve seen people use skewers but a needle works best, and drag through the polish colors to create your design. (There’s different ways to do this resulting in different looks, pulling from the outer edge to the middle, sometimes they make a zig-zag, some make a swirl, it’s all on the look your trying to get) Then you dip your nail into the design, and use a wooden stick to swirl around the surface to clean up the excess before removing. (You may not think it would, but as it dries the polish will cling to the stick, that’s actually a fun part!)

I realize that was kinda lengthy but, the bad part is that’s not all the steps lol, there’s even more involved I was just trying to give an idea of how it works! But hey! Finally got another blog post up lol, I know it took long enough! Maybe during this outage I can get several more up that have been in the works (gotta do something to stay awake for 2 weeks!) See y’all!


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