Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! To the ones who celebrated hope it was an amazing day! To the ones who had to work & nothing better to do, (don’t feel bad, here too!) Here’s hoping it went by fast lol. Mine wasn’t too bad, knitted some this morning after getting off work, then went to sleep for the majority of the day! Just one more night then have a night off before doing it all over again.

But I did manage to squeeze in a couple nail designs for the occasion! I realize it’s a wee bit late but, better late than never lol.

May not be the best handwriting ever lol, but hey even my normal scroll needs work lmao. And yes I only did the writing on my right hand, because, I consider myself VERY lucky to complete a design on them both, because I am not right handed. At. All. So I didn’t have a prayer of forming a word on my left hand lol. But this was a first attempt at trying to write a cursive word across all 4 nails, all in all I think it turned out ok!

This here, I was just playing around at work, practicing my hearts while traffic was dead, & it turned out cute enough to me to share lol. Rather like the minimalist look, it’s a nice break from a full design.

Now these, have got to be a new favorite, I love them! Started out with an edged French Tip, then added the points in a Zoya Pixiedust polish. I’ll definitely be making this look again soon!


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  1. Wow those are amazing! So talented


    1. Thank you! I hope to be able to do this for a living in a couple years

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