Happy Easter!

So March is officially over, bring on April! Considering the last prompt of March WNAC & Easter go hand in hand, I’m simply letting this nail art carry right on to Easter, let it be my holiday mani too.

Happy Easter friends! Hope everyone has a happy & safe day, although remember, while your buying candy for your kids or bunnies, whichever you do, just remember the reason for the holiday, it’s not about the bunny. ❤️

Although coincidentally, Easter just happens to fall on April Fools Day 🤔 So who alls planning on hiding ‘make believe’ eggs? Lol that’s just a recipe for disaster, I tell ya.

And I realize I haven’t been posting anything besides the WNAC this month, there’s just been a lot going on & quite frankly, I decided that instead of posting each mani separately, I’d just wait till the end of the month & combine them all in one post. (Coming up later)

But today was interesting at work, had like 3 of the drivers tell me I shouldn’t be working, I oughta be doing nails instead, working for myself. Lol that’s what I’m aiming toward, I need to get to working toward getting in school, I can’t do anything until I get that out of the way!

But any who… I’m supposed to be asleep, gotta get a nap before work lol. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! 🐣


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